We’ve Moved!

When I launched this site, I had hoped to generate a “Copy the Character” type of style for fashion and design on a budget.

I have not had the opportunity to dive into that (as it requires a lot of browsing time for high end and low end counterparts). I have not given up hope for this brand ‘Path of Character’, it will continue on and when I have time it will finally launch into something I’ve always hoped for.

However, here are two new sites to puruse:

Main + Walnut: Interior Design and Lifestyle Blog: Showcasing current client projects, DIY adventures, and things that make life better.

Organize Louisville: Home Organization for residents in Louisville, KY.

I hope to see you there!

By jeromy

I’m dedicated to interior design, fashion, and things that enhance life. My goal is to help you find your path to becoming a character with style.