About Path of Character

path of character


About Path of Character: This is a lifestyle blog that celebrates the little things that enhance life, which started in late 2017.  The site name was inspired by my favorite quote from an unknown author, “The road to becoming a gentleman begins with Character”.  This is an outlet to share my favorites in interior design, fashion, and travel.  Consequently, my wish is that it helps you find your path to becoming a character with style.

About Path of Character


Hello, I’m Jeromy.  I’m a recent transplant from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky living with my partner and two adorable dogs, Eva & Parker.  At the moment we are in the middle of completely renovating our home.  As a result, I don’t travel as much as I would like and my “places to visit” list is only getting longer.  Even when renovations are complete, it seems like my home is in a constant state of evolution.  I believe every day should start with a great cup of coffee and end while getting lost in Pinterest. Which honestly, only feeds my unusual addiction for mid-century modern design and vintage seating.


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