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I’ve spent my career in Visual Merchandising within the fashion and interior design industries.  Recently, I spent five years creating magazine ready vignettes and inspirational displays at West Elm.  I also trained and developed the Home Stylist team.  A chosen team who go to clients homes and brought the “west elm” look to them.  I kept this team up to date on trends, plus assisted with a mood board, paint selections, and concepts.

I believe that a home is a constant state of evolution (well at least mine is!).  Your life.  Your ambitions.  Your travels.  Your family.  These all impact your home and change how you use the space.  When it comes to styling, I always say “display what you love”.   Start small, with one corner of your home at a time.  Make it feel curated, well thought out, and cozy.  Then you can move to another corner.  Eventually, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a home full of love.

My personal design style is influenced by Scandinavian furniture with modern lines.  This is called Mid-Century Modern.  If you follow my Pinterest, you will find many inspirational images that follow this concept.  I love the history behind original pieces and I have an unusual addiction for vintage seating.

I’m dedicated to interior design, fashion, and things that enhance life.  My goal is to help you find your path to becoming a character with style.



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